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About Canadian Commercial Driving License

It is truly not easy to pursue a career in Truck driving. One must have the ability to overcome hurdles on regular basis like floods, landslides and ensuring timely delivery of goods. At the end of the day the happiness of successfully combating these obstacles is something that is beyond comparison.

If your aim is to become a truck driver and operate vehicles such as tractor-trailers, straight trucks and buses, you will need to have a CDL or Commercial Driving License. Depending on the vehicle you choose to drive, your class of commercial license will be determined.

What is CDL?

CDL or Commercial Driving License is a compulsory Government procedure in which a person who has interest in becoming a driver has to submit his authorized documents to the government. Federal, State and Provincial governments control the type of commercial driver’s license. In Canada, the standard for provisional and territorial CDL is set by the National Safety Code.

Both Canada and USA have very similar regulations when it comes to CDL which is a big advantage for the drivers who frequently cross borders.

Canadian commercial driving license

The control of all regulations for CDL drivers in Canada lies in the hands of Transport Canada’s National Safety Code. It is mandatory for each province and territory to follow the National Safety Code while regulating their drivers. However, each province has different requirements for obtaining a license and the classes of the license.

Heavy vehicles including passenger buses and trucks are covered under this license. Apart from these vehicles, dump trucks, fuel tankers, taxis, limos etc also included in this list.

Some Canadian cities need transportation license in case you drive with a rideshare platform such as Uber or Facedrive.

For instance, Toronto is one of the cities that have made it necessary for all operators to have a Private Transportation Company License.

Canadian CDL License Endorsement

CDL license endorsement is something that allows a driver to use special equipments that need proper knowledge and training to handle. Drivers can pass through additional testing to add endorsements to their licenses.

For example to operate a truck with air brakes one must have a Z-endorsement in Ontario and F-endorsement in New Brunswick. Similarly the province of Saskatchewan asks school bus drivers to have an S- endorsement on their license.

Necessities for CDL drivers in Canada

Canada has set a minimum age of 18 and19 to be able to drive a commercial vehicle, based on the province. If you have plans to drive a bus in future, your age must be between 19 to 21 which is also dependent on the province.

Medical examination is mandatory for all provinces. Such medical examination is initiated to ensure that you do not have any medical condition that might be unsafe for you to drive. You will need a doctor’s approval to prove your health is fine before applying for your commercial license.

Commercial drivers are also required to have a standard driver’s license with a clean driving background and a criminal record check.

Becoming a professional driver is no less than achievement. But to achieve the position you need to obtain a commercial license. It is always a good idea to get assistance from a renowned new way truck driving training center in Mississauga & Stoney Creek, ON which can help learn and pass the provisionally mandated road test.

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